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Porsche 911L Lightweight Race History Detail

New 911L

After taking delivery of his burgundy 911L race car from Bob Holbert Porsche in Philadelphia, Bob Bailey brought it to the American Trans-Am Championship in Lime Rock, CT for its race debut on May 30 , 1968. Delivered with most of the race options the factory could offer for Group 2 cars, Bob added Mini-lites, a roll cage and the number 22, and became a serious challenger in the under-2-liter class in the 1968 and 1969 Trans-Am Championship. He would campaign the car in 14 Trans-Am races over the next 15 months. He was sponsored by the Barnsider Sirloin Pit and Tavern, Colonie Center, N.Y.

Bob Bailey with new Porsche 911L

Lime Rock, CT

1968 - Race No. 4: In the top photo Bob Grossman’s (15) Mustang leads Bob Bailey (22) at Lime Rock May 30 1968. Fred Opert is close behind (73) followed by Fred Baker (8). Below left, Russ Norburn (17) has taken the lead from Bailey. Tony Adamowiz would go on to win the under-2-liter class, with Bailey/Locke in second followed by Fred Baker and Russ Norburn. Fred Opert and co-driver Joe Grimaldi did not finish. Top money was $1000 for Adamowiz for 1st place in class, followed by $700 for 2nd, $550 for 3rd and $400 for 4th. Fred Opert received $100.

Below: Bob Grossman’s Mustang leads a group of Porsches: Herb Wetanson and Bruce Jennings (18), Bob Bailey (22), Fred Baker (18), Fred Opert (73) & Jim Netterstrom ((11).

Lime Rock Trans Am

Bridgehampton, NY

1968 - Race No. 6: Bob Bailey stands by his 911L waiting for the start of the Trans Am Championship at the Bridgehampton Race Circuit in Bridgehampton, New York on June 23rd, 1968. Next to him is the Bruce Jennings/Herb Wetson Porsche number 18. Tony Adamowicz would go on to win first place in the under-2-liter class. Bailey and co-driver Jim Locke would finish second in class. Bailey and Locke split earnings of $650 while Adamowicz took home $1000. Wetson and Jennings took home $150 even though they ended up 8th and did not finish the race.

Bob Bailey standing next to is 1968 Porsche 911L

Below, Bob Bailey follows the AMC Javelin of George Folmer who would go on to win second overall in the Trans-Am Championship at the Bridgehampton Race Circuit in Bridgehampton, New York on June 23rd, 1968. Bob Bailey and co-driver Jim Locke would finish second in-class. Bob Huber and co-driver Dick Bauer follow close behind Bailey in a Volvo 122S. They would finish 5th in the under-2-liter class behind four Porsches.

Bridgehampton 1969

St. Jovite, Quebec

1968 - Race No. 8: In the foreground is Bob Bailey’s car #22 ready for the start of the Trans-Am Championship at Le Circuit, Mt. Tremblant, St. Jovite, Quebec, Canada on July 21, 1968. In the background in the orange 911 (#7) is Tony Adamowicz who would go on to win first in under-2-liter class. In front of Bailey is his friend Bert Everett in car #14. Bailey and co-driver Bruce Jennings would finish third in class behind Jacques Duval. Bailey and Locke split earnings of $500 while Adamowicz took home $1100.

St. Jovite Quebec 1968 Trans-Am

Loudon, NH

1968 - Race No. 9: Bob Bailey takes on fuel during the Trans-Am Championship at the Bryar Motorsport Park, Loudon, New Hamshire on August 4, 1968. Tony Adamowicz would go on to win first place in the under-2-liter class. Bailey and co-driver Jim Locke would finish seventh in class behind the Porsches of Bert Everett, Bruce Jennings and Peter Gregg. Mark Donohoe won 1st place overall in a Camaro. Bailey and Locke split earnings of $200 while Adamowicz took home $1250.  Donohoe took home the grand prize of $1500.

Loudon, NH Trans-Am Race

Daytona, FL

1969 - Race No. 1: In February 1 and 2 Bob Bailey and Jim Locke took thier 911L to Daytona, FL to compete in the World Sportscar Championship which began it’s season with the 24 Hours of Daytona. Competing as members of the Porsche of America Racing Team (PART), Bob Bailey changed the color of the 911L from burgundy to white so that all the cars racing under PART would match.  Locke and Bailey would retire the 911L after 13 hours and 249 laps due to engine problems. The Porsche 911 winners were Tony Adamowicz, Herb Wetanson  and Bruce Jennings with 584 laps in the GT2 Group.

World Sportscar Championship - Daytona, FL

Sebring, FL

1969 - Race No. 2: On March 22, 1969 Bob and Jim took the 911L to Sebring, FL to compete in the 2nd round of the World Sportscar Championship.  Bruce Jennings joined them as a co-driver. This time they would finish 2nd in group GT2 behind a Porsche from Wicky Racing.  The 911 appeared this time with the No. 47.  Bailey and Locke would return to the Trans-Am series for the next round on May 11, 1969 at Michigan International Speedway and continue on in the Trans-Am series for events in Lime Rock (11th place), Mid-Ohio (DNF), Bridgehampton (5th place), Bryar Park (DNF), St. Jovite (DNF) and Watkins Glen where they got 2nd place behind Peter Gregg. Two days after the Trans-Am race at Watkins Glen, Locke and Bailey campaigned the 911L one last time in the World Sportscar Championship series on August 12, 1969. where they would fail to finish after 129 laps due to overheating. The following year Bob Bailey parted with the 911L when he sold it to Harry Bytzek, a well known race driver from Toronto, Canada.

1969 Sebring, FL World Sportscar Championship


1969 - Race No. 4: On the first lap of the race at Bridgehampton on June 22, Bob Grossman’s (5) Camaro leads Bob Bailey’s and Jim Locke’s Porsche (now wearing a tape across the No. 2 to make it No. 52 instead of 22), Peter Greggs (59) Porsche 911, Pete Harrison’s (86) Porsche 911, Gaston Andrey’s (52) Alfa Romeo GTA, and Ray Cuomo’s (21) Porsche 911. Mark Donoho in his (9) Camaro is running seventh back in the pack.

1969 Race No. 4: Bridgehampton, NY

St. Jovite, Quebec

1969 - Race No. 7: On August 3rd at St. Jovite, Quebec, Peter Gregg’s (59) Porsche 911 leads Gordon Dewar’s (47) AMC Javelin, Bernd Leckow’s (91) Porsche 911, Guy Roy’s (61) Camaro, Scottie Adchinson’s (51) Porsche 911, Bob Bailey’s (52) porsche 911L, Bruce Norburn’s (17) Porsche 911, and Bruce Jennings (71) Porsche 911 away, as the middle of the pack falls in during the parade lap. At this point the 911L was white with a blue stripe after being campaigned in with the Porsche Team of America at Daytona and Sebring in early 1969.

St. Jovite Quebec, 1968 Porsche 911L Racing

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